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"Chosen Martial Arts Academy is a family oriented environment with hard working and committed instructors. An extensive class schedule accommodates everyone's availability. As an adult practitioner, I enjoy the diversity of ages and the camaraderie that exists among all students. The disciplines offered include Tang Soo Do, Tai Chi, Hapkido and Jiu jitsu. Forms, practice drills, weapons and realistic self-defense is taught as well as anti-bullying seminars for students and their parents. Training is serious, yet fun! I am lucky to have found CMAA!"

Doreen T. Palmyra, PA

"CMAA is a fantastic place for families to learn and train together. It's a friendly atmosphere where the curriculum is delivered in a way that makes it fun and easy to follow. We show up for a few laughs, train hard and sweat during class, and walk out better people than we walked in."

"We first looked into martial arts for our six year old to get him into an activity that would help him focus. Now all three of our children belong to Chosen Martial Arts. What we found was more than martial arts, we found great kids and adults, but most of all a staff that truly cares. Teaching kids about how to navigate life and everyone about the importance of confidence, self defense, self discipline, friendships, and family." 

Nick A. Palmyra, PA

Scott R. Hummelstown, PA

"As a law enforcement officer, my schedule can be crazy at times. The classes for jiu jitsu are offered several times a week, which makes things easier. When I do find time to train, Mr. Hicks is a fantastic instructor! I always learn something every time I train at Chosen Martial Arts Academy!"

"My son and I both love coming to Chosen Martial Arts Academy. Master Hicks has the unique ability to make class enjoyable and challenging for both adults and kids, men and women. There is truly something for everyone of any ability. The fact that my son and I can both participate is a great bonding experience. CMAA is more than just a martial arts school it is a family."

Donnie B. Palmyra, PA

Bryan W. Palmyra, PA

"Chosen Martial Arts Academy has given me a new outlook on life . . . encouragement, self confidence and a reason to feel good about myself!! The training is superb, the dedication is genuine for all students. Master Hicks is an expert with his training, knowledge and expertise and more so, a friend to those that become 'part of our family'."

"Since joining CMAA I have found an instructor and mentor, who I admire. I have felt since day one that this program is bringing something wonderful to our community by giving students of all ages the tools necessary to be the best they can be."

Cathy-Ann, Palmyra, PA

Zach B., Palmyra, PA

"We were searching for a place that we could train in martial arts for exercise and personal development. Master Hicks welcomed us with open arms. He trains us hard, but in a fun and attainable environment. More importantly to me, his strong message of acceptance, self-discipline and personal achievement help encourage us to want to train even harder."

Justin M., Palmyra, PA

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