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  • Why should I begin training in martial arts?
    Martial arts training builds strong healthy bodies and confident and disciplined people. In a world full of boring systems of personal development, martial arts training is fun, never boring, and the most engaging way to develop your entire person: body, mind and spirit.
  • Why should I train at Chosen Martial Arts Academy?
    Chosen Martial Arts Academy is continually recognized as the leader in martial arts training in the Palmyra, Annville, Hershey area. So if you are looking for fun, traditional martial arts training, CMAA is the only place to be. Our instructors are highly skilled teachers and martial artists, who are training to help you become the best person you can be. CMAA is a family friendly karate school with a training schedule that will fit your busy schedule. With numerous daily training sessions, morning, evening and weekend classes, Chosen Martial Arts Academy is the easiest life changing gift you can give your child, spouse or yourself.
  • Is training in martial arts dangerous?
    At CMAA our motto is "train so you can train again tomorrow". We work very hard to train realistically, while allowing for age and physical differences. With a decade of training history, there has never been an injury at Chosen Martial Arts Academy greater than what you could sustain walking to the kitchen in your own home. We will keep you safe.
  • Am I too old or too young to begin training in martial arts?
    NO!!! Our students range in age from 4 to 80! We will craft the training to fit your physical and mental abilities so you can increase in body, mind and spirit.
  • What type or style of martial arts is best for me?
    If you are looking for self-discipline, confidence, better health, and overall self-improvement, then any of the styles we teach will aid you in your quest. More specifically, each style taught at CMAA has a particular focus. Tang Soo Do is a traditional korean martial art focusing on kicks and punches. It is great for self defense and personal development for all ages. Gracie Jiujitsu is a well know brazilian version of ground grappling that is safe, fun and excellent for self-defense. Hapkido is a korean style of martial arts that focuses on standing grappling, throws and joint locks. It is a solid form of self-defense training and blends very well with Tang Soo Do. Tai Chi is a chinese style of slow moving, gentle martial art which focuses primarily on health and mental calm. This style is excellent for rehabilitation and decreasing daily stress.
  • Will martial arts training cause my daughter or son to be violent?
    NO! Expertise has shown that properly taught martial arts has a calming effect on people. It leads to self-confidence and self-discipline, better grades, friendships and a better quality of life.
  • When should I begin my martial arts training?
    There is no better time than today! Students may enroll in classes at any time. Our students range from 4 through 80. New students enroll at any physical level and progress to a healthy life. If you are reading this, your best time to begin your martial arts training is now. Visit the programs page and sign up for a week of FREE classes begin now!
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